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Prompt for Malec

Hey guys! We usually don’t advertise but we really recommend you to check out this beautiful blog featuring lots of great, short Malec fanfictions!

The author is being a really great help to us from time to time and we enjoy her stories a lot :)

So yeah… If you’re interested in reading some great stuff or if you have been dying to get one of your prompts written - Go and check her out! ;)

Much love!

Alec & Niko

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A: I..tried. 

A: Two times, actually. 

A: One time was pretty much in the beginning of our relationship and..let’s just say it didn’t went all that well. 

A: The second time was after I had already learned a bit concerning cooking and preparing meals from Magnus so it turned out to be a nice surprise.

M: Awh yes, I remember that very well! It was very cute.

M: I have and I will again in the future.

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For @magnificentandpretty
Thank you so much for just being adorable!
I made this video to just show you how much I adore you guys! Plus I haven’t seen anyone do this~
I put a lot of work into finding perfect songs~ this is why I asked about Bastille!
I tried my best to fit some songs you guys like! I remember you said you like Bastille and one direction~ added some supernatural stuff in there for Alec ;) Hope you don’t mind the editing I put on some of your pictures!
Hope you enjoy!
Thank you!
C l o c k w o r k


Thank you SO SO MUCH! This is so cute!!! We love it! that you put so much thought into the songs..just.. Wow!!!! We don’t know what to say other than THANK YOU a thousand times!!! We love you! That’s really too sweet and kind of you to do something like that >///////////<

All our love to you!! 

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A: Call Magnus and ask him what the hell he has done.

M: Apply make-up on that gorgeous new face of mine, because I know he can’t keep me from doing so this time. 

M: Or take cute pictures of ‘myself’. 

M: Or put on my whole wardrobe just to finally see him wearing all those outfits I got in mind for him. 

M: Although I suppose all those wouldn’t be the very first things popping into my head. I think my first action would be to lift the blanket and adore Alec’s perfect abs. 

M: The next thing would probably already be picking up my phone.

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A: Definitely unexpected.

A: Very unexpected

A: If someone had told me I would end up with that extravagant male warlock that opened up the door to his loft, the first time I saw him, I probably would have laughed at them and presumed them crazy.

M: I think we have been going there for a long time, even though Alec might not have been believing it would actually happen – me neither at some points to be honest. 

M: What’s most unexpected to me, however, is us not dating in secret anymore but openly being a couple with everyone knowing.

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A: Not really, no. 

M: I’m afraid we don’t have time for this in between all the real wars we are fighting. 

M: Although the Chairman likes to play his pranks on us.

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A: ..No. And I will keep it that way.

M: Yes, I have. 

M: "Sandkopf", for example, is a very good author

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M: What exactly are you aiming at?

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A: At first I was annoyed. Annoyed, because the Institute’s call interrupted what was supposed to be a great evening with my boyfriend.

A: I didn’t understand why it was so important to talk to a vampire, important enough that it couldn’t wait until after. 

A: However, once I heard that she used to be Magnus’ girlfriend things became clearer for me.

A: I was angry, hurt. And jealous, yes.

A:  It made me realize how much I didn’t know about Magnus, how much he was keeping to himself, not telling.

A: I was wondering how much I knew about him at all.

A: Like the fact that he wasn’t gay, as I had always assumed. 

A: And..It made me realize that I am just one of many.

A: One he would replace after I died, like he seemed to have done with all the others before.

A: Why would I be any different than them?

A: To be honest..I think it was the beginning of many doubts, the beginning of many problems between us.

A: I-….. I don’t want to talk any more about it. 

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