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Before the Beach
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September 17th 2014   13 notes  

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Before the Beach

September 14th 2014   20 notes  

The first two of the postcards we sent from Italy :)

The Magnus card, of course, had glitter on it ;)

You can decide for yourself who they are addressed to in particular! 

September 13th 2014   47 notes  


We will start uploading the MALEC - Postcards tomorrow! Stay tuned! ;) 

(So don’t think just because we can’t upload gifs you won’t get anything Malec related - cause you will! ;) ) 

Plus: We are curretnly answering every ask.fm question we got! (Already half way done! There are still about 40 left to go though haha xD)

September 12th 2014   11 notes  

Where are we?

We are SO SO Sorry that we are inactive again but sadly we really don’t have the time to do gifs right now Q__Q

We wanted to do new ones but then Niko and I both got sick and thus couldn’t do it (We are better now but sadly still not fully healthy again :/ )

We are really really sorry but we don’t know when we will manage to do new gifs because at the moment we are utterly busy with school and work and sewing and learning for our theater group because we have a performance in October and a million other things :( Plus Alec is going to have a school trip to Brighton, England from the 23th - 27th September.

We will OF COURSE do new gifs but we are afraid it is going to take a few weeks longer - Sorry!!!!!!!! :( (not longer than a month though, don’t worry!)

Please be patient with us - we love you! Q__Q 

September 12th 2014   14 notes  

A: IT’S MY BIRTHDAYYYY!! ♡ Sadly I am ill - Niko infected me Q__Q (But it’s my own fault haha) anyway I am still super happyyyy because IT’S MY BIRTHDAAAY

September 8th 2014   43 notes  

A: I nominate Niko, my cousin and sandkopf! ;D

August 30th 2014   33 notes  
August 27th 2014   26 notes  

A: What could I possibly do?

A: I certainly wouldn’t punch him in the face or anything like that. 

A: Depending on what he says I would either just leave or defend Magnus.

August 23rd 2014   43 notes  

August 21st 2014   43 notes