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A: What could I possibly do?

A: I certainly wouldn’t punch him in the face or anything like that. 

A: Depending on what he says I would either just leave or defend Magnus.

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Concerning the Give-Away:
As we said the post cards may take a while to arrive.
We will upload a collection of all the ones we sent in a month! (Or earlier if all the winners write us they got their cards :) )
We can’t wait to share them with you guys! <3 
(The addresses will be blacked out, of course - No worries! ;) )

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A: I once spotted Jace when we were walking the streets but luckily I noticed him in time so we could hide.

A: I don’t think he saw us. 

M: To be honest, Alec had him spotted even before he was physically there, and that’s not because of them being parabatai. 

M: I think it’s called paranoia.

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M: Being immortal… feels like you’re stuck, like there is something being kept from you, while at the same time everything is being taken away from you over and over again. Being “timeless” in a moving and ever changing world, in a world that is constantly dying and being reborn, has nothing joyful in its essence.


M: There are people envying me for being immortal and I understand that aging is frightening, but with the right person by my side I would want to experience it.


A: Of course that thought has crossed my mind more than once already. 

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While on vacation I made these two sketches of Alec and Magnus. :)
Trying out a new art style and I like how it turned out♥

→I’m Magnus. I got a fabulous taste in fashion and an awful taste in lovers. Alec is an exception though. So I dumped him. Now I’m miserable.
→my name is Alec. I wear black clothes until they aren’t black anymore. And then I still wear them.

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M: My answer might surprise you, but I indeed have seen Alec cry. On several occasions.


A: What, when? 


M: I remember a few of my comments that have caused great amusement not only on my part.


A: In that case: I have seen you cry of laughter as well. 


A: I also remember that time we watched a movie and I swear I heard you sniffing next to me. 


M: I might not have heard you sniff, but I am sure I saw you blinking back tears as well.


A: You must have been imagining that. 

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M: Alec tends to wrinkle his nose when he’s amused, which makes him even more endearing.


A: I’m not sure if that counts as a habit but Magnus tends to put post-it notes for me to find and read in all sorts of places in his flat.  


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Important Information

As most of you know by now we will be on a vacation in Italy for 2 weeks now.
This means that we won’t have time to be active anywhere - Sorry for that!
However: We will still update new gif sets every Wednesday and Saturday !! :) 

Concerning the Give-Away: The winners have been chosen by now but we will not tell you who it is in advance because we think it is more exciting when some of you suddenly have a nice surprise in your mail box <3  
Please note that it can take up to 4 weeks or more for the post card to arrive,depending on where you live :) 

We love you ! :)

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